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Recorded live, January 31, 2018, in Mountain View, California.

These tracks were all cut and mixed from improv sessions, recorded live in Mountain View, California. The tracks show the band's range from the meditative 3am Rain to the driving Kuiper Belt and evolving story of Secret Agents. was born in 2016 out of a series of weekly electronic improvisation sessions in Mtn. View. The members hail from very different backgrounds: Jazz, EDM, and pre-MIDI electronic music studio work. Their interest lies in shifting the focus among timbre, harmony, and rhythm.

  • Paul Buser - keyboards, electronics
  • Mark Lentczner - rhythmic electronics
  • Dylan Phan - keyboards, electronics

The band previously released tracks under the name Punjabi Tea House.

Metal Biped - a collaboration with Josh Bailey

Mark's short studies for the Disquiet Junto