Live Improv Ambient Technoish Microbrewed Alt Dub Experimental Electronic Music

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Photo by Dorien Gunnels

Video art by Bill Wiatroski

Performed at Resonant Frequencies, Oakland, May 2018

with visuals by Zachary Rodell

electric.kitchen grew out of series of weekly electronic improvisation sessions in Mtn. View, started in 2016 by Mark Lentczner. The focus is on the live performance of a music exploring electronic timbre, harmony, and rhythm.

Mark Lentczner studied electronic music composition with Ivan Tcherepnin. His best known composition is the arrpegiated chord boot sound for the Mac II.

Paul Buser and Dylan Phan previously played extensively with the project. Each brought a distinct voice in keyboard and timbral improvisation.

These tracks were all cut and mixed from improv sessions, recorded live in Mountain View, California.

Metal Biped - a collaboration with Josh Bailey

Mark's short studies for the Disquiet Junto