Live Microbrewed Alt Dub Experimental Electronic Music & Sourdough

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Photo by Dorien Gunnels
Video art by Bill Wiatroski

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Once again, I participated in Jamuary, an artistic challenge to create and share a short raw jam every single day of January. I only missed one day the whole month this year (2024).

All whole month's output can be found on the Jamuary 2024 playlist.

recursive machine - a self-contained analog instrument

alone|together - live sessions from lockdown

electric.kitchen focuses on the live performance of experimental electronic music, propelled by exploration of timbre and rhythm. Instrumentation includes both analog and digital synthesis, DIY hardware and software. Interaction between performer and instrument is primary, utilizing multiple human interface controllers.

The project encompases the solo work of Mark Lentczner, and collaborations with others, both composed and improvisational.

Mark Lentczner studied electronic music composition with Ivan Tcherepnin and African drumming with Arthur Hull. After years as a software architect in Silicon Valley (he created the boot sound of the Mac II line), he continues to code, creating open source software and hardware for experimental music.


We toured the Pacific Northwest in March, 2022

We performed a full evening of live music and visuals in Eugene, Portland, Seattle, Spokane, Nelson, San Jose, & Santa Cruz with additional guest musicians at each show.

Full details: (re)connect

Onset - Infinite Set 1 ~ 4 - more info

Metal Biped - a collaboration with Josh Bailey

created for @ModularWorld's Spotlight: Pulsar-23 show
Feb 12, 2023
Pulsar-23 & Meris LVX

Interview with Franck Martin, on "Live from the Studio", with a performance for Serge modular & Puslar-23.